weatherbench2.evaluation.evaluate_in_memory(data_config, eval_configs)

Run evaluation in memory.

Will save a separate results NetCDF file for each config.Eval. An example for a results dataset with the respective dimensions is given below. Note that region and level are optional.

``` <xarray.Dataset> Dimensions: (lead_time: 21, region: 3, level: 3, metric: 2) Coordinates:

  • lead_time (lead_time) timedelta64[ns] 0 days 00:00:00 …

  • region (region) object ‘global’ ‘tropics’ ‘extra-tropics’

  • level (level) int32 500 700 850

  • metric (metric) object ‘rmse’ ‘acc’

Data variables:

geopotential (metric, region, lead_time, level) float64 … 2m_temperature (metric, region, lead_time) float64 0.6337 …


Return type: