weatherbench2.evaluation.open_source_files(forecast_path, obs_path, by_init=False, use_dask=False, rename_variables=None, pressure_level_suffixes=False)

Open forecast and ground obs Zarr files and standardize them.

  • forecast_path (str) – Path to forecast files.

  • obs_path (str) – Path to groud-truth file.

  • by_init (bool) – Specifies whether forecast is in by-init or by-valid convention.

  • use_dask (bool) – Specifies whether to use dask to open Zarr store. Otherwise load lazy numpy array.

  • rename_variables (Optional[dict[str, str]]) – Rename dimensions and variables according to given dictionary.

  • pressure_level_suffixes (bool) – Whether to decide variables with pressure levels as suffixes.


Tuple containing forecast and ground-truth datasets.

Return type:

(forecast, obs)